Sunday, August 3, 2008

Swaddle Instructions

In this video Haley is 7 months 16 days old

This is a video of how to swaddle your baby, using the big baby blankets that I make. This video is dedicated to the newest member of our family, Titus Lin Johnson :)


rorymckm said...

Wow, she is SO over being swaddled, but over all not a bad sport about it! Yay, it's so cool to see video on your site! I'm so proud of you! With Tim home for the summer, maybe I'll have a chance to figure out what's wrong with my program and return the favour! Great job!!!! And you just sound SOOOOO cute (not like a "hick"). :)

Susan and Ethan Peterson said...

LOL, this video is for my cousins in Victorville, and I bet they'll disagree with you! They LOVE to make fun of my country accent! I figured out how to put a video up, so when I have time I'll go back and put up the old ones :) Can't wait to see the ones of Zoe!!!

desertracer954 said...

Thanks for the video you all (y'all). Steve and Jenny are over here and they got to see it too. So now both of your cousins can make fun of you. Seriously thanks and we will try it when he wakes up later. Love you guys and tell Haley thanks for doing that for us.

Karen said...

Wow... it looks like you are preparing her for the insane asylum!! I'd probably go crazy if my mom was doing that to me. But then again I am also 30 years old.