Thursday, November 20, 2008

New things Happening every day

In this post Haley is 11 months and 1 day old:

Things are happening every day around here, Haley is growing faster than we can imagine. Watch this video and see her newest "trick"

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Tuckered Out

In this post Haley is 10 months 27 days old:

Haley has learned how to sit up from laying down, and sometimes when she goes to bed, she sits back up to play. Well, I have learned that she has to figure out how to lay down on her own, or she'll just scream when I leave the room. On this night, we had a "battle of the wills" of sorts. She hollared, I let her. Then, she got quiet, so I assumed she was asleep. I went in to check on her before I went to bed, and found her like this.

I guess she got so tired, she just fell over where she was. Poor thing! I did lay her down and she went right back to sleep :) The good news is, it hasn't happened again!

First Haircut!

In this post Haley is 10 months and 25 days old

As you all know, Haley was born with quite a head of hair. What you may not have realized is that all of that baby hair fell out, other than a mowhawk on top of her head. As the new hair started to grow in, the mowhawk got longer, and as a result, we needed to get her haircut!

Below are some pictures from the adventure! She was a great spirit, didn't shed a single tear, and Aunt Toni did a great job!

Daddy & Haley getting ready for the scissors

Chewing on the comb distracting me from the task at hand

Looking at mommy and the comb at the same time

Haley and her Good Buddy Liza playing after the haircut

Cheezin for the camera with my NEW DO!

Monday, November 10, 2008

Belly Laughs

In this post Haley is 10 months and 23 days old:

Tonight, Ethan, Rache & I were sitting around playing with Haley, and trying to keep her entertained. Well, we figured out that she is REALLY tickelish, and got her to laugh like none of us had heard. Thanks to YouTube, we have video again. I'll go back and post the others, but until then, enjoy this one!


Come meet Fluffy

In this post Haley is 10 months 21 days old:

On Sunday, my parents called and told Ethan and I to bring Haley and come meet Fluffy :) Here she is :)

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Long Overdue Updates

In this post Haley is 10 months and 19 days old:

Hi everyone! The month of october has been a crazy one, so I haven't done as well as I should about keeping up the blog, but I will try and do better.

Haley, Ethan and I are all doing great Halloween was a special treat, we had our dear friends Sarah, Stuart and Pressley Carothers, along with Sarah's brother Clay up for the weekend. Haley and Pressley had a ball playing together, and we adults always enjoy each other's company!

For Halloween, Haley was dressed as Piglet, which was a big hit! I got her some hot pink Converse Chuck Taylor shoes not too long ago, and they went perfectly with her costume. She wasn't real into trick or treating, but Pressley had a blast. We had fun scaring the kids that were brave enough to come to the house, but as Ethan said, seems the kids are getting younger, so not as many to spook! We had a little gathering at our house Friday, and Rachel & Jason, along with our friends Amy, Sanford & Chole, and Chris & Sarah Jacobs, all came over to join in the festivites! Brad and Meghan Feltenstien and Liza also came by for a minute, but they didn't get to stay long. Oh, and Grammy & Pappaw of course came to wish their favorite Piglet a Happy Halloween!

Saturday, Ole Miss played Auburn, and all the guys went to the game, while Haley, Pressley, Sarah and I relaxed at home. It was good to rest for a little while, and I got to watch the game on TV! AND WE WON! WOO HOO!!!!

Sunday came time for everyone to leave, including Ethan. He has been at the MS Fire Academy since Sunday, and Haley & I miss him bunches! He will be home tomorrow and we can't wait to see him!!! We sure appreciate our friends the Feltenstien's, The Meurrier's and The Burchfields for entertaining us and helping the week to go by faster!

I've included some pictures for you to enjoy! Have a great Thursday!

Sweet Haley loving on Daddy before he left :)

Have you ever seen a cuter Piglet???

Pressley was "scaring" Haley and making hr laugh

Haley practicing her Crawling after Lunch

A true Rebel :)

Haley & Pressely Playing in the Bubbles :)