Sunday, April 26, 2009

We're very busy these days!

In this post Haley is 1 year 4 months and 8 days old:

Well, life gets busier as Haley gets older...maybe because SHE is so busy!

She is doing great, and into everything! She is really starting to talk, words that we can understand. She says "Thank you, Love you, MaMa, DaDa, Cricket, dog, milk, eat, Chloe, Pappaw, PePaw, Rah, bye, Baby, Puppy, Peekaboo" And more I am sure I am forgetting! She is walking, trying to run, and climbing all over everything! Becoming quite the active little one. She LOVES to be outside, and HATES to come inside after being allowed out. She is down to just one nap a day on most days....and COMPLETELY PACIFIER FREE!!!

Ethan and I are doing well too. We just finished something we have both been preparing for for quite a while. The Double Decker 10k. For those of you unfamiliar with running, that is 6.2 miles. We participated with friends of ours, and were part of a group of firemen (though I got to wear a shirt for being a wife) who did our best to run together. Ethan ran with 4 of the firemen, and I was fortunate to have one of them who didn't want to run quite as fast, run with me. Ethan finished the very HILLY course in 57.19 and I finished in 1.08.31. We were both very proud to say we've done it...and won't be signing up again any time soon. I am glad to be running again, and look forward to continuing to run to stay in shape :) Mom and our good friends Amy & Chloe Carson also participated in the event, the Double Decker 5k Walk. They did a great job, and Chloe was quite the sport, falling asleep so her mommy could walk! We had lots of support at the race, Ethan's parents, sister, and Brother in Law, along with my Dad, came out to cheer us on. The pictures of the race are curtosy of Dad! Also, our friends Meredith, Robyn and Kristin also ran in the 10k, and all finished in great times! I have been preparing with Meredith and Robyn, and must say, we've come a long way and I am proud of us all!

Below are a bunch of pictures, in no particular order, for you veiwing pleasure!

Love to all!

Amy & Mom crossing the finish line...Chloe was worn out from the long walk LOL!

Me, Anne & Rachel at the Double Decker Festival

Ethan and I at the Festival

Matthew & I crossing the finish line

Ethan and Matt Tatum crossing....they finished before we aren't in order :)

Haley & MeMaw waiting for the runners, and posing for Pappaw

The OFD crew before the race!

Haley torturing, oh I mean playing with, the dogs! They love her!!!