Thursday, May 6, 2010

And for those who want to see...

This is me...28 weeks pregnant with Baby Peterson #2

Time is a Flyin...

In this post Haley is 2 years 4 months and 18 days old
Hello blog followers, both of you that may still hope for updates so you can read. Life is good here in the world of the Peterson's, just flying with every waking moment. I think every day how big Haley is getting, and how much she is learning and how it seems like just yesterday I was anxiously awaiting her arrival! Now, here we are, nearly 2 and a half years later awaiting the arrival of her brother or sister and thinking "where did the time go?
The end of March and all of April were eventful months. Ethan had a birthday, he is offically closer to his "mid 30's" than his "early 30's". Doesn't seem to bother him which is a great thing because Lord knows he is young at heart!

Easter was especially fun this year, as Haley was big enough to enjoy the festivities and really love the Easter bunny. As you can see from the picture above, she is a wild child, wide open all the time! I love it! She has no fear (which is scary sometimes) but she's such a fun and happy child, we can only pray that our second child can keep up :)

We took Haley to the Zoo for the first time the weekend after Ethan and I celebrated our 4th wedding Anniversary. It was so much fun!!!

Haley loved seeing all the animals, but especially liked running around like a wild woman :) She wanted to pull the wagon more than ride in it...the joys of a two year old.

We ended the month with a visit from our dear friends the Carothers family. Haley, Pressley and Paige had SO much fun together, and were such great girls, it was sad to watch them go home. It's always sad for them or us to leave but makes getting together even the better.

After they went home we went to our local festival called the Double Decker where our experience this year was much different. Instead of listening to bands and really looking at art...we played in the kiddie area and Ethan and Haley rode the kiddy choo choo. It was wonderful! Haley got to see the Police Horse's and really loved getting to pet them.

So as you can tell, the month of April flew, and here we are already in the 6th day of May...seems we spend our childhood waiting to "grow up" and our grown lives wondering "where does the time go" I am going to the doctor tomorrow for my 30 week checkup...which scares me becuase that means I could have as little as 7 weeks until this baby is born should he or she decide to make thier appearence as early as Haley. I am hoping that this baby will hold off just a few weeks longer :) I may eat my words but I'll take a couple more weeks of "cookin"

We have a lot to look forward to this month as well, Sunday is Mother's day, the following weekend Ethan's parents will be here to celebrate Rachel's birthday, Pop's birthday and Mother's day. Then two weekends after that we are going "camping" at some cabins in Sardis, MS (about 20 min away) with our friends Amy, Sanford and Chloe.

June will prove to be busy as well...but I'll save that for another post :) Thanks for your continued patronage...both of you who still read :) I really do try and do better...maybe when I'm taking care of TWO kids I'll have more time....

Love you all :)