Wednesday, March 24, 2010

My Neighbor "super blogger" reminded me....

In this post Haley is 2 years, 3 months, and 5 days old

Well I start all my posts lately with "I'm sorry I haven't posted". I am sorry...but life is just BUSY.

Things are great around the Peterson house. Since the last time I blogged, Haley has continued to wow us daily with her rapidly growing independance. "I do it" seems to be a VERY familiar phrase around our house. While it's nice to have her "help" with the baby on the way, it's sort of sad to see our baby girl growing up so quickly. She's a hoot though, makes us laugh every day.

Ethan has added to his "collection" of vintage VW Beetles. I think Haley is in love with them as much as her daddy :). He got a 1970 yellow beetle that runs, and has given him an opportunity to continue to work on the green one. He tells me that he'll sell "one of them" someday...but I'm not holding my breath. :) It's a fun hobby for him and we all enjoy our outings in "Daddy's Beetle!"

I'm about the same :) I had about 17 weeks of "morning" sickness with this baby. Just when I thought I was out of the woods, I had not one...but TWO bouts with the stomach virus. Thank the Lord the baby is growing like she or he is supposed to, so that is all that REALLY matters. I am hoping that between the 23 and 27 week visits I might actually go 4 weeks without any sort of "sickness". But I try and not complain :)

Well I think this catches us up for now. I hope this finds everyone well, and I will try and do better about blogging. Maybe Meredith will keep reminding me :)


Haley washing her jeep...helping daddy wash cars

Me @ 20 weeks

Daddy's Beetle :)

CHEEESE in Daddy's Beetle