Monday, August 25, 2008

Chatty Cathy

In this post Haley is 8 months and 7 days old:

What a wonderful weekend, and start to the week! Haley has been in such a fun and playful mood lately, it has been so much fun to be around her! Yesterday, I was laying on the floor with her, and she was smiling at Ethan, so he of course got out the camera! This morning, when I got her up, she started talking, and didn't really stop until she went to bed! Wonder where she gets that????

Also yesterday, we got a video of her kissing Grover, and then kissing Mommy. It is funny, not sure if she really "gets it" but it's cute none the less :)

We went for a walk tonight with Grammy and our friends Amy & Chloe. It was so much fun, we hadn't gotten to hang out with Amy & Chloe in a while, so it was good to catch up. Haley had a blast, enjoyed rolling around in the breeze, and got a big kick out of me and Mom. Enjoy the pictures! We'll do our best to keep em coming!



meurrier said...

love, love, love the second pic of you and her on the floor. i also love the video of her and grover, then especially when she reached for the camera. so sweet!

The Bairs said...

That is the cutest thing. Kissing Grover and you - I think she "gets" it.

rorymckm said...

Wow, her kisses are WAY less slobbery than Zoe's! Zoe's all open mouth and tongue (we're in trouble, I know). Haley's all cute and demure about it....she must get that from her Daddy! LOL :)