Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Long Overdue Update

In this post Haley is 8 months and 1 day old

Hey everyone! Sorry I have been slacking off about updating this blog, but little Miss Haley has been fighting teething, and a fever, and life has just been plain ol busy!

Lets see, last Thursday Ethan and I decided that Haley seemed to be fighting us on the last bottle of the day, rather than really wanting to drink it. After all, she was drinking it less than 2 hours after eating supper and drinking that bottle. So, we decided to see if she would go to bed without it. Well, she adjusted like a champ, and we haven't looked back! As you can tell from the picture below, we are starving her to death, and we should probably be reported! :) But, our baby girl is now 8 months old, eats 3 meals a day, and is growing like a weed :) WAY TOO FAST! Ethan says just about daily that she needs to slow down!

Saturday, Haley and I, along with our neighbor and good friend Meredith, decided we were going to go check out some yard sales. Of course, the morning we get up to do it, it is raining outside! But, have no fear, WE ARE PREPARED!!! We put Haley in her raincoat, and we headed out....
"Mom, are you SURE that we want to go out in this????"

Haley was a trooper though, and we had a great time! She uses a walker at Miss Kim's house during the week, and at the first stop we had quite a find! We got the exact same walker that she is used to for $2!!! Yep, two bucks! I couldn't believe it! I brought it home, cleaned it up, and after her nap she went to town! Cricket and Tater still aren't sure what to think of it, they haven't quite figured out how this "thing" that first stole all of Mom & Dad's attention, is now MOBLE, and they run from her, while she enjoys chasing them :) Fun stuff!!!

Here is a short video of Haley outside last Sunday, showing off her skills....

Well, I think that is about all the news for now. Life is wonderful, we are gearing up for our first real family vacation. We are going to Orange Beach Alabama with our Best Friends Stuart and Sarah, and thier little girl Pressley. We are hoping for nice weather, and a relaxing visit.

Hope everyone is doing well, and if tooth number six ever makes it's appearance, I'll be sure and post something about that! I'll try and get back on track now that my happy little girl is back, I have fun things to take pictures of!

Take care!

Love, Susan


rorymckm said...

I want a yellow raincoat! We don't have cool stuff like that here in Cali (probably because it doesn't rain). Sigh. Wow, Haley is SO GOOD at that walker. Forget crawling. She's saving up all her energy for the big event! MORE MORE MORE! said...

i love her raincoat! $2 you got a steal, gotta love garage sales.

raceyt said...

Haley, Memaw and Pepaw are coming to see you on Sept. 13th on our way home from Tennessee!! We can't wait to see you and we love you so much!

The Bairs said...

Cricket and Tater?

Susan and Ethan Peterson said...

Cricket and Tater are the dogs :)