Sunday, August 3, 2008

Another Great weekend

In this post and these pictures Haley is 7 months and 16 days old

We had a great weekend this weekend. Ethan was off both Saturday and Sunday so we got to spend some great time together. Saturday, Haley spent the day with our good friends Toni and Stefano, while Ethan and I went out on the boat with Rachel, Kimberly, Jody, Lori and Adam. We met another boat full of folks out there, and had a great time in the sun!

Saturday night, we got a babysitter for Haley, a sweet girl named Hannah who has kept her before, and we met all of our boating friends, along with Toni, Stefano, and her son Riley, and had a fun dinner at the Habatci Resturant here in town.

Today, Ethan, Haley and I took off for Tupelo right after her morning nap. We had lunch at Logan's Roadhouse, where Haley sat in her high chair and acted like an angel (after we fed her, poor thing was probably starving to death!). She sat and played while Ethan and I ate, and then survived a whirl wind shopping trip to Old Navy and Sams Club.

We made it home and spent the rest of the day trying to relax, but the grass called, so Ethan got out and cut it!

I am going to put some pictures in of Haley today! Hope you enjoy!
Love, Susan

Haley just looking at me being cute as usual :)

Eating her Mum Mum cookie, we think she might be a south paw...

Who could resist those big brown eyes???

Isn't she sweet :)

Well most of the time....but if you look real hard you can see her bottom two teeth! She has 3 on top, but won't show them off just yet :)

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rorymckm said...

There they are! So cute! Great photo of her teeth, although she doesn't seem that happy about it! :) However, all of her other pics more than show what a happy baby she is!!!! :)