Monday, December 29, 2008

Birthday & Christmas Fun

In this post Haley is 1 year, 11 days old:

So I know I haven't even come close to doing a good job keeping up the blog this month, but in my slight defense, things have been very busy!

Haley celebrated her first birthday on December 18, 2008. We started the day with a well baby visit to the doctor, where we found out that our baby weighs 24lbs and is 30 1/2 inches tall. In the 90th percentile on both accounts! She is VERY healthy! Dr. Molly was very happy with how well she is developing, and wasn't at all worried that she isn't walking yet. She is moving quite well, and even had the bumps on her head to prove it!

We celebrated her birthday that night with a nice red cupcake at home. Well, as you can imagine, Haley LOVED it, and had no troubles tearing into it! Aunt Rah and Uncle JJ came over to enjoy the festivities, and enjoyed the show! Also, we had visits from two very special friends! First Liza and her parents (Meghan and Brad) came by to give Haley her birthday present, and then Chloe and her parents (Amy & Sanford) did the same. They all got to watch her open her presents and enjoyed spending that time with her.

On Friday, Ethan's parents came up to celebrate her first birthday at her big party the next day! Despite the dreary weather, we had a great little party at the local fire station, filled with MORE CAKE, family, friends and some wonderful gifts! Aunt Rah made Haley a very special scrapbook of her first year of life, Memaw made her a cross stitch symbolizing her first birthday, and Pepaw made her a beautiful jewelry box, complete with music and all. So very special to get to spend time with all of our family, and we know Haley will treasure those gifts for years to come!

On Christmas day, we got up and had Christmas morning here, so Haley could see what Santa left for her. He brought her a "busy ball popper" which she wasn't sure if she should laugh or cry. She got used to it though. We then went over to Aunt Rah's house, where she, and the rest of us were showered with gifts. She got her Laugh and Learn Front door, and has had a blast playing with it!

Finally, we headed to Mom & Dad's where we got even MORE stuff, and Haley got her first Fire Truck! She is destined to be a fire person just like Daddy!

The neatest part of the day was giving the grandparents their special gift! I don't have pictures of Ethan's parents receiving theirs because we forgot our camera and it is on a different camera. But you'll notice them in the slide show. If you recall I told you a while back about a secret project we worked on when Rocky & Debbie & Elijah were visiting. Well, we got to reveal that at Christmas. We went to a local artists' studio and had Haley & Elijah's hand prints done for their grandparents at Christmas. Needless to say, all grandparents LOVED them, and I think it is something they will treasure forever!

So, I have typed a book, and I think we are caught up. We head to NC on Wednesday to visit with Rocky Debbie & Elijah, and also go see Grandma & Papa Hollis. Please keep us in your prayers for safety, as well as Ethan's family as they are headed that way to their cabin in TN.

I'll try and do better about updating, and I have made a slide show of pictures, so I didn't have to upload 31 to the blog :) Enjoy, and they are labeled for Rory's convenience :)


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rorymckm said...

Yay, thanks for the labels! I love the photo of you and Ethan and Haley's Piglet cakes were amazing! Your family is so crafty making all those special gifts! I'm a tad bit jealous... :)