Saturday, September 20, 2008

Yea HALEY!!!

In this post Haley is 9 months 2 days old:

Hey everyone, I know I am WAY overdue for an update, and while I have been taking pictures, I haven't been posting like I should. I don't have a lot of time to post this morning, so here is a great "teaser" video :)

Haley turned 9 months on Thursday and we can't understand where all the time went! It has flown by! In the video you are about to watch, she is clapping, and watching her do so made me tear up! Our baby girl is growing way too fast!

We go to the doctor on Monday for our 9 month checkup, so I'll be sure and let y'all know just how HEALTHY she is! Ethan has to work tomorrow, so my goal is to get some pictures loaded for you then :) In the meantime, join with us as we say YEA HALEY!!!!



rorymckm said...

OMG, she shakes her head and claps the same way Zoe does! I'm so excited for you, that's awesome! She looks so happy, can't wait to meet her someday! :)

meurrier said...

What a GREAT video!!! I love it! She is certainly growing up SO fast! said...

she is adorable! i love her laugh.