Tuesday, September 16, 2008

First Words!

In this post Haley is 8 months and 29 days old:

I don't have any pictures to post, but as a dear friend reminded me, this is Haley's virtual baby book! So, I wanted to let y'all know that Haley spoke her first "real" words today.

She has been making sounds for some time, but over the past few days we have been trying to teach her to say "Bye Bye" becuase she will open and close her hand.

When I picked up Haley from daycare today, I was holding her, and we were getting ready to leave, and I told her to tell Kim "bye bye" and just like that, she said in a soft sweet voice "bye bye" I thought I was going to DIE! It was awesome, and she smiled so big!!! She said it a few more times when we said to "say bye bye" so I know she knew what she was doing! I am sure if she is anything like her Mama this is just the beginning :)


rorymckm said...

We are SOOOOO jealous! Zoe hasn't even come close to finding her "b's" yet. There's no bye-bye for us anytime in the near future! Next she'll be asking for the car keys!

Blake Hill said...

Hey Susan! Haley is beautiful...especially in her Ole Miss cheerleading uniform. Looks like everyone is doing well. We'll be in Oxford this weekend for the Vanderbilt game. Call me if you plan to come, my cell # is 662-891-7383. Take care, Blake