Sunday, July 20, 2008

Great Week & Visit to the Fire Station

In this post Haley is 7 months and 2 days old:

This was a great week, and the tubes in Haley's ears really seem to be making a difference. She is eating with less resistance, and is happy almost all the time. It has really been a blessing. As I told you in the last post, Myla turned One last weekend. Since she got ALL kinds of new toys, she was kind enough to share some with Haley that she wasn't real interested in anymore. Haley loves them all but her favorite is the Karaoke Machine. She LOVES the music and LOVES looking in the mirror, and especially likes when she can see Ethan or I behind her in the mirror. She finds that very funny!

As you can see from the picture below, Haley continues to grow like a weed :) She has a very healthy appetite and doesn't leave anything behind. I guess she learned from her Pappaw, "Take all you want but eat all you take!"

Haley and I paid a visit to Daddy at the fire station today. She has been there many times, but it seems we always forget the camera. We remembered it today, and got some great pictures, though in the one below, she was more interested in biting her lip than smiling for the camera. We are fairly certain that her 4th tooth is getting ready to break through, so she has been chewing on her lip constantly!

In this picture, Haley is playing with Daddy's helmet, while Daddy watches with a very close eye :)

And finally, my favorite picture of them all. Haley sitting in Daddy's lap, driving the fire truck....don't worry, there weren't any emergency's but it sure made for a cute picture! Hope everyone has a happy and safe week! Thanks for stopping by!



rorymckm said...

Wow, Haley looks so tiny next to that helmet! So glad to hear that the tubes were worth it! Here hair is really growing, isn't it! Oh, yeah, you owe me a dime. :) Happy 7-months, Haley!

Susan and Ethan Peterson said...

I put that in there JUST for you :) I knew how much you love for me to compare my child to a weed :) Did you notice the part at the top??? Hope you had a great weekend!

rorymckm said...

Yes, I did notice EXACTLY how old Haley was at the time of the posting! You're so sweet to think of me! Yeah, I knew you put that in there just for me...thanks! ;)

meurrier said...

Adorable, adorable, adorable!!!!

raceyt said...

My precious Haley! You look so cute next to your Daddy in the fire truck! Memaw and Pepaw love you so-o-o-o much!