Sunday, July 6, 2008

Coast Trip

We went to the Mississippi Gulf Coast to visit Ethan's family as well as some dear friends of ours. Ethan's Aunt Susie got to meet Haley for the first time, and his Mom and Dad got some much needed Haley time! Memaw tried her best to send Ethan and I home and keep Haley with her! NO WAY! We couldn't give up our baby girl that easily!!! Maybe more incentive to get them to Oxford :)
Haley had a great trip, dispite the fact she got her fifth ear infection. We called the doctor, and they called in an antibiotic, and we went to see them when we got back. She did indeed have an ear infection, her 5th in 4 months, and so on July 2, 2008, Haley got tubes in her ears. She is doing great, didn't phase her a bit! Hopefully this will solve our ear infection problem! We can hope!
Below are some pictures from the trip.

Uncle JJ holding me for the first time, and Aunt Rah

Great Grandma Millie

Memaw and Pressley

Pressley, Memaw & Haley

Pepaw & Haley

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meurrier said...

I can't believe Haley and Pressley weren't in their matching outfits!