Sunday, June 22, 2008

Story Time, 6 Month Check Up, and Stomach Virus

Hello Everyone! We have had QUITE a week, but we are in the start of a new one, so we are hoping for more fun, rather than "drama" :) Haley's second tooth came trhough on Monday, and although it is fully in, she won't give us much of a chance to get a picture of it, we are sure trying though.

We got a new book from our friends Jennifer & Anna Kuhn. It is a story about Firetrucks, something dear to our hearts :). In the picture below, Ethan is reading Haley the firetruck story, in the rocking chair given to us by his parents. This is the rocker that Ethan's mom rocked him in when he was a baby. What a neat thing for him to be able to share with Haley!

Haley had her 6 month check up on Thursday, and she is growing like a weed! She weighs 18 lbs 10 oz and is 26 3/4 inches long. She is still at the top of the charts for everything, and the doctor was very happy with the way she is growing. So, in an effort to continue her development, we are adding more finger foods to her diet. Below are 3 pictures of her eating a "Mum Mum" cookie. As you can tell, she really likes them and enjoys eating them all by herself!

Another good report from the doctor, Haley's ears are clear as a whistle, so maybe we'll avoid tubes after all. We can only hope!
The weekend was supposed to be "fun filled" excitement with a trip to the lake with Aunt Rah & Uncle JJ. Well, it was exciting for sure, and filled with fun at the lake, but poor little Haley ended up sick. Friday night during her bottle, Haley threw up ALL over me! (I think that makes me offically a mom right?) Well, I called the doctor and we wrote it off as gagging, becuase her spirits were ok, and she finished her bottle. WELL, in the night, she had a severly dirty diaper, and then got sick again that morning. Needless to say, we ended up at Urgent Care and she has the stomach virus. Today, she is doing better, it is 1:30, and she has eaten twice and hasn't had a dirty diaper or gotten sick YET. We'll keep our fingers crossed!
Other than that, we have had a good week. We are going to the Coast this weekend to see family and friends, and Haley will get to meet her Great Aunt Susie for the first time! She is very excited!!!
Have a great week!


rorymckm said...

What a grown-up little girl! Eating by herself, getting big, soon she'll be talking your ear off asking, "But Why?" all the time! I'm so glad that Haley is feeling better today and she's not having all those dirty diapers anymore. Her poor tushy! Hope she continues on the up-swing....and I guess there are no sign of Chicken Pox, either, so that's good!

rorymckm said...

Oh, yeah, one more thing: Can I charge you a nickel for every time you put "growing like a weed" in a post? You crack me up!!!! ;)

Susan and Ethan Peterson said...

Sure thing sister! It's a southern thang, you see down here in the south, we have weeds, that just grow and grow, no matter how hard you try, they won't slow down for nothin! :)

We may have a pox or two...watching some places on her face :)

rorymckm said...

Heck, we have sand here. No place for weeds to grow! ;) Praying against those spots on her face. Did they not test her for that at the doctor yesterday? Sheesh, Haley's gonna have an immune system the rest of us are gonna envy! :)