Sunday, June 1, 2008


Bathing Beauty!!!
Family Photo
Grammy, Haley & Pappaw
Pappaw's Bass
Daddy and Haley before the ride :)
Hey All! We took the boat out on Saturday for her maiden voyage, and all went very well! The boat ran great, and Haley did wonderfully. We took her pack and play on with us, and after riding for a bit, she laid down and napped, just like we were at home. It was wonderful! She seemed to enjoy herself, and was quite the little trooper. We didn't get her in the water, but we think as she gets older she will surely enjoy it.

The rest of our weekend has been good, we went out with some friends last night while Grammy and Pappaw had Haley time :) It was fun, but we were happy to see our little sweetie this morning. Hope everyone had a great weekend, and hopefully we'll have some teeth to show off soon, as we feel sure Haley has some on the way. Hope you all have a great week!



rorymckm said...

OMG, that looks like so much fun!!!! Does Haley have her own life vest? If so, where did you get it (I need to get one for Boo)? You guys just look like you had the best time and Haley seems to be lovin' every minute of it!

Susan and Ethan Peterson said...

We ordered her life vest from Cabella', but I saw some in Overten's magazine I liked better. She isn't too fond of it, but she has one :)

rorymckm said...

Cool, thanks!

meurrier said...

I want to go! I LOVE to fish!!!!! Sign me up for the next trip!

Karen said...

Man that looks like fun. I'm glad you guys are having such a good time together and enjoying your family. I want a boat now. :-)