Friday, January 13, 2012

Say WHAT?!

So, last night I was thinking about things that the girls say, that I want to remember. SO I figured the best way to do that was to blog about them

Things Haley says:

"I wanna hold you" when she wants to be picked up (I hope she never changes saying this)
"The Potatoes Did that?!" in reference to the tornado damage in Lafayette Co. last spring. She called them "Tor-Potatoes"
"Scrawberry"- Strawberry
(see a pattern here?!)
"scrench scries"- French Fries
"That's so SILLY"
"Soogetti" - Spaghetti
"I haven't done that a long time ago" - If its been more than a day since she did something :)
"awww...that's so CUTE!" (this is new thanks to Willie Price I'm Sure)
and my favorite-very often out of the blue she will call me "MOM" and when I reply she simply says "I love you" Love LOVE love this! Must remember when she is 13 and telling me how mean and unfair I am :)

"Hayeeeeee"- Haley
"Hayee STOP" - she says this A LOT
"tickit" -Cricket
"ta-tay" Tater
"I won on" - I want it on
"I won off" - I want it off
"Babeee"- This would be baby, her green lovey that she carry's everywhere
"teeff" - This means she wants to brush her teeth
"bobble" - Apple
"cooookie" - Cookie (this is a popular word)
"joooce" - Juice
"Mama - Dadeee" - Pretty self explanatory
"side" - means she wants to go outside
"titens" - Chickens, no not the kind we eat...our critters in the back yard
"EAT" - means put her in her chair, she's ready to chow down
"Ahhhmen"- Amen, which is said about 2 seconds before the blessing is really over. Girl likes to eat!
"SHOO"- ahh Shoe, she loves shoes. All kinds of shoes. And if you take yours off in our house, she will try them on to see if they fit her
"sok" - socks, meaning put them on
"Shoo off"- you get the picture...
"nu new" - A fav...means LOVE YOU!
She says other normal things, like "UH OH" and "Tank to" (Thank You) as well as the names of all of her grandparents "Gammy" "PawPaw" "MeeeMeee" and "PotPot" I am pretty sure "RahRah" was one of her very FIRST words (I also think Rachel knew exactly what she was doing when she picked that name for herself LOL) and JJ is a big easy one...though sometimes she just calls him Rah because that's who she REALLY wants to see :)

She figured out Santa and called him "Tanta" though she wanted nothing to do with sitting in his lap. She likes to dress up with Hayee...and especially putting on play shoes.

These girls are amazing. At the doctor the other day Mackensy and I got there first, so as we were headed back to her room from being weighed in, Ethan and Haley came through the door. Mackensy looked up, saw Haley and yelled "HAYEE!!!!!!" and ran towards her like it had been years since they saw each other. Haley ran towards her and they met in the hall and hugged. It was wonderful...if only I had had my camera!

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raceyt said...

Aww…so sweet! And I can hear them saying every one of those words when I read them! Haley told us when we were bringing her home to y’all on Sunday (and we were waving good-bye to Rah Rah on the porch) that she was going to pray for Rah Rah. We asked her why she was praying for Rah Rah and she said, “Because I could miss her!” Love that ”I COULD.”