Thursday, May 29, 2008

Haley and her friend Chloe

These are our friends Amy and Chloe! Chloe is exactly 2 months younger than Haley

Here I am in my BIG GIRL dress my Memaw got for me :) Don't I look pretty!

Chloe and I Had SO much fun Playing together!

Sitting up all by myself! WOW

Hey Chloe, I really like your shirt!

Hey everyone, above are some pictures we took of Haley yesterday, 5/28/08. She is growing so fast, she laughed out loud yesterday at her sitters, and she is starting to sit up by herself. She changes with every day!

We went to the doctor again yesterday, and she DOES have yet another ear infection, so we are going to continue the antibiotic, and try one last thing...Flonase. We will try and see if we can keep her from becoming congested, and getting ear infections, but if she gets one more, we are off to the ENT for tubes. Haley has been a trooper, but we hate that she hasn't been feeling well.

Ethan and I bought our first boat this weekend, and we will take her out on her maiden voyage this Saturday. We got a 24 foot pontoon, and hope that Haley will like boating as much as we do! We will take lots of pictures, and post them (I promise RORY!)

I hope you all are doing well, and check back often, and leave comments! You have to create a google account to do so, but it is free, and when Haley is older, I can show her how much you all loved to look at her!



meurrier said...

I love the one of them on the couch together! How cute! We need to have a photo shoot of Myla and Haley soon. Especially now that Haley is sitting up on her exciting! They can actually sit by each other and pose for the camera! You are doing SO much better updating the blog! I thought you had fallen off the wagon there for awhile.

raceyt said...

Our precious Haley! You look so cute in your pretty new dress. Of course, we knew you would because you are already such a little Fashion Queen! AND there you are already sitting up on your own! Your Memaw and Pepaw love you so-o-o-o- much and we can't wait to see you again!

Amy said...

Haley and Chloe are so cute together! Chloe had fun playing with Haley last night. Maybe I will do one of these blogs. It will be a fun documentation for Chloe to look back on! Chloe has that teal blue outfit that Haley has on in an earlier blog. We ought to get them together and get their photos in that outfit!

rorymckm said...

Hey, there's our Baby Wise buddy living large online! Haley, you look so cute and are growing so fast! And look at all those stylish clothes! My Mama only makes me where sleepers all day. She only dresses me nicely for special occasions (or when she's sure I'm NOT going to spit-up all over them). You are so lucky! :) Hugs, Zoe